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Please remember to to pack a piece of fruit or vegetable in your child’s lunchbox every day to eat at  snack times. 

Please remember to bring a change of clothes in your child’s bag if needed. 

Week beginning 19/04/2021


Hello RP class blush

We will be learning from home this week, so please keep an eye out over on seesaw for your daily activities each morning.

Please see the planner below for a timetable of your learning activities for Monday to Thursday this week with instructions on how to complete each activity. 


We are experiencing some technical difficulties with seesaw at the moment so please complete the activities by following the planner below and we will keep you updated on when new seesaw activities are posted.


Please note, children will be returning to class on Friday 23rd April. 


Week beginning 22/02/2021


Please see the planner below for RP’s weekly learning activities for Monday to Wednesday AM this week. 


Please note, children will be returning to class on Wednesday 24th at 12:30.

Please ensure children have had their lunch before attending school. 

Children will be full time from Thursday 25th onwards. 



Week beginning 08/02/2021


Please see the planner below for RP’s weekly learning activities. 


Google meets:


Tuesday 2nd Feb 1.00 pm

Wednesday 3rd Feb 12.00 pm 

Thursday 4th Feb 1.00 pm 

Friday 5th Feb 1.00 pm 

Week beginning 01/02/2021


Please see the planner below for RP’s weekly learning activities. 


Google meets:


Tuesday 2nd Feb 1.00 pm

Wednesday 3rd Feb 12.00 pm 

Thursday 4th Feb 1.00 pm 

Friday 5th Feb 1.00 pm 

Week beginning 25/01/2021


Please see the planner below for RP’s weekly learning activities. 


Google meets:


Tuesday 26th Jan 1.00 pm (Maths)

Wednesday 27th Jan 12.00 pm (Literacy)

Thursday 26th 1.00 pm (Maths/DCF)

Week beginning 18/01/2021


Please see the planner below for RP’s weekly learning activities. 


Google meets:

Tuesday 19th Jan 10 am 

Thursday 21st Jan 1.30 pm

Week beginning 11.01.21

Please see the weekly planner for this weeks home learning. There will be a range of learning activities this week including seesaw activities, pre recorded teacher videos and google meet opportunities, please log in to your child's HWB account and follow the instructions in the HWB video below in order to attend the Reception class virtual meetings. This is an important way of ensuring your child can access live teaching from Miss Giles and continue to interact with their friends. Please contact me via seesaw if you require your login details. 

Week beginning 4.1.2021


From 4/1/2020 children will be learning from home. Please check your child's Seesaw page for their learning activities. If you do not have a digital device at home, you will be contacted by the school to arrange the delivery of a digital device.

If you need any support please contact me at or via your child's Seesaw account. 


Miss Giles smiley


Meet virtually with Miss Giles

As we will be continuing to learn from home over the next couple of weeks we will be carrying out a google meet once a week in addition to completing seesaw activities. Google meet will allow all reception children and staff to meet with each other virtually in order to check in and give pupils the opportunity to speak with Miss Giles virtually and to see their friends.  


This will be carried out through your child's Hwb account. You were given a letter with your child's Hwb login details. Please follow the video instructions below to access their google classroom. Miss Giles will be in contact via Seesaw once all pupils are set up to let you know the date and time of the google meeting. 


18 March 2020

Parent Guide to Using HWB

What is Seesaw? Introduction For Families

We will be starting to focus on our new whole school topic ‘Celebrations’ over the month of December. Reception class will be learning about St Nicholas Day. We will be learning about the importance of giving and caring for others. 


Learn some interesting facts about St Nicholas day here...


Flunkeblunk - Saint Nicholas is coming | for kids | Christmas time | Where are Flunks shoes?

It’s December 6th soon and Saint Nicholas will be coming! Poor Flunk forgot, so now he has to hurry home. He still has to clean his boots! But wait, does Flunk even have boots? Oh no!

Singing Hands: Up On The Housetop - Makaton Sign Language

As part of our 'Celebrations' topic we are learning the song 'Up on the housetop'.
Can you help your child to learn the Makaton actions to accompany the words at home.

To help Reception class become speedy mathematicians we will be completing regular CLIC Beat That assessments, you can help by practising these at home. 




1. Can you count to 7? 2. Can you count to 10? 3.Can you recognise these numbers? 4. Can you recognise these numbers? 5. Can you count the balls? 6. How many fingers do you have (without checking)? 7.Can you tell me double 1 and double 2 (practise putting 1 finger from each hand together, then two fingers from each hand together)? 8. Can you tell me half of 4/2 (practise taking one finger away this time, or two fingers away)? 8. What’s 1+1 (use fingers to support to start)? 10. What’s is 2 + 2? 


When your child gets ten out of ten three times they will then move onto  CLIC 2. 

An insight into RP's STEM week

Still image for this video

This term we have been celebrating STEM week (science, technology, engineering and maths). 

We Focused on the topic 'Animal magic' where we learnt about creepy crawlies, birds and animals that live in the woods. 


We had a special visit from ‘Into the wild animal encounters’...

 We carried out a science investigation to find out ‘what lives in the soil’. We made predications and found out if they were correct or incorrect! We found snails, worms and woodlouse!


We will soon by sending out some information about Home school learning.

If you need anything over the next few weeks please feel free to contact me through email:


Since starting school we have been learning about:

Teams, Dreams and Goals


To help us learn about our topic 'Teams, Dreams and Goals' we have listened to the story Mae among the stars and talked about how Mae dreamed she would be an astronaut when she grew up.  We have talked about our dreams and what we would like to be when we grow up and what teams we are a part of.


We also found out about the person the book is based on - Mae Jemison - the first black woman to travel to space in 1992.

⭐️ Mae Among The Stars ⭐️| Read Aloud for Kids! | Bedtime Reading

Book: Mae Among The Stars by Roda Ahmed Illustrated by Stasia Burrington Hello and Welcome to The Joyful Bookshelf where books are FUN! This channel is dedic...

We have been making our fingers very strong by practising dough disco and making Incy Wincy Spiders. This will help us to hold our pen when we write! We counted the spiders legs and took photos by our self!

Dough Disco to Incy Wincy Spider Nursery Rhyme

Dough Disco to Incy Wincy Spider Nursery Rhyme. Follow along video for all the class to enjoy! This popular nursery rhyme has been updated to a Dough Disco S...

We are celebrating 'Black History Month' for October. 


As part of our celebration we have been reading the story 'I am enough' 


We have celebrated how we are all different and unique and how we love being me! We have written what we are good at in our books and we will be learning all about Betty Campbell, the first female black Head Teacher in Wales. 


Grace Byers Reads "I Am Enough" | Bookmarks | Netflix Jr

Simple words send a powerful message: When you love yourself - and those around you - there's nothing you can't do! Watch Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices...