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Criw Cymraeg

Croeso i'r Tudalen Criw Cymraeg

Croeso i'r Tudalen Criw Cymraeg 1

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Brawddeg Cymraeg yr Pythefnos / Welsh Phrase Of The Fortnight

The phrase of the fortnight is aimed at developing children's ability and confidence to use incidental Welsh in and around school.  The Criw Cymraeg will announce the Welsh phrase of the Fortnight (Brawddeg Cymraeg yr Pythefnos ) to the school in morning assemblies and demonstrate how to pronounce the phrase.  Staff and children will then make an extra effort to use these phrases throughout the day.


FB 04.11.19

Dewch i mewn - Come in

FB 18.11.19

Ga i fynd i’r ty bach os gwellch yn dda - Can I go to the toilet please?

FB 02.12.19

Beth wyt ti’n meddwl? - What do you think?

FB 16.12.19

Nadolig llawen - Merry Christmas


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