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The school nursing team have arranged a nasal spray flu vaccination clinic

on Saturday 15th January at the Bayside Mass Vaccination Centre, Olympian Drive, Cardiff CF11 0JS




For those children who missed their vaccination in school please telephone our team on 07814065178 , 07969732790 or 07976729307 to arrange an appointment.

Back to school 6th January 2022


All children to return to school on Thursday 6th January 2022. 


Rec, Year 1 and Year 2 - same place, gates will be open from 8.50am and 3pm. 


Y3-6 - same place, gates will be open from 8.50am and 3pm. 


Adults - please wear a face covering, and keep 2m distance.  


Please do not attend school, if you have any Covid symptoms - phone 111 for health advice and 119 for test advice. 

Arrange a PCR test and isolate until you have the results. 


To help control the spread of Covid please do follow the advice below: 

  • Remind your children about the importance of regular handwashing
  • Teach your children to use a tissue, or their elbow, to catch their coughs and sneezes. 
  • When collecting your children, keep 2m distance from each other, wear a face covering and follow staff instructions. Please do not group together at the gates, waiting in line is the quickest and safest way to collect your child. Gates will be closed, if staff feel that they are unable to exit children safely due to grouping of adults. 
  • If you have children in high school, make sure they are using LFD tests regularly and wearing face-coverings on school transport. . 

Parent/Carer letter re: January 2022

Warn and inform - Covid in school.

Back to school 7th September.

Breakfast Club will start on Thursday 9th September at 8.15am. Please contact me if you want a place 

Start of day:

All children start back at 8.55am

  • Y1 and Y2, children come straight in through FP gates. 
  • Y3-6, children come straight in through Junior gates. 


End of day:

Y1 and 2 children finish at 3pm

All out through FP gates. Parents - queue, and wait, outside school in usual place. 


Y3-6 finish at 3.05pm 

Y3 and 4 - Parents come into school using St Fagan's Street gate. Leave through St Fagan's Street gate. 

Y5 and 6 - Queue, and wait, outside school in usual place   


Parents - please wear a face covering, follow staff instructions, keep 2m distance from each other and leave the area promptly. Thank you 



Warn and Inform Letter 

Reception - Positive Case of Covid 


6.1.21 Great start to our online learning, thank you parents - you're doing a great  job!

Just a few notes for you to remember:

  • Please try to get children to bed at their usual time and up, ready for school, at the usual time. 
  • Website - Children - Class Pages - lots of the work, teacher messages, teacher emails are here.
  • Work is posted in See Saw and on Google Classroom - children are expected to complete work, to their usual standard, and share with their teacher every day. 
  • Teachers are online every day 9 - 3.30pm. They are there to help.  They Meet with children daily to make sure that everyone is ok and to answer any questions about the work. Teachers are not available after 3.30pm.
  • Videos and live teaching will start next week - children are expected to watch/attend. The class teacher will be in touch to tell you when this will happen.
  • When online, children must be dressed, sitting quietly and in a shared (but quiet) area in the house - please, not alone in their bedrooms. Make sure there's an adult in the shared area when children are online with their class. 
  • BBC Bitesize and Joe Wicks are back on TV, if the children want a short break - put this on for them.
  • Any learning questions - the teachers are available 9-3.30pm via email.
  • The school office is open - please just call if you have any other questions.
4.1.21: School is open for Key Workers / vulnerable learners only. If you think your child qualifies for a place in school, please phone or email the school as soon as possible. Both parents must be key workers. In order to ensure safe staffing levels, I will need to know by midday Tuesday 5th. Thank you 

4th January onwards

Please also see Cardiff Council letter below. 

  • 4th - 5th January - all children at home, completing online work. Staff will be in school, give us a ring if you have any questions. 
  • 6th - 8th January - key worker / vulnerable learners in.  If you think this is you - please email: 
  • 11th January - all children return.  

Teachers will hold a Google Meet daily, starting on the 4th January. They will direct children to their work and be available to answer any questions the children have regarding their online work. We will provide devices, where necessary, and the expectation will be that children complete the work provided.

Our Learning Support Assistants will call families where children do not join the daily Meet. This will be to offer help with accessing online work, and ensuring all is well. They will be able to pass any questions onto the class teacher. 

Times for children to Google Meet their teacher:  

Year 6 - teachers will Meet at 10am 

Year 5 - teachers will Meet at 10.30am 

Year 4 - 11am

Year 3 - 11.30am

Year 2 - midday 

Year 1 - 12.30pm 

Rec - 1pm 

Cardiff Council letter about January re-opening.

18.12.20: Arrangements for January 4th onwards. 

This is how it stands at the moment. Please bear in mind things might change depending on the virus and our staffing availability. Texts will be sent if any changes are necessary. This page will also be updated. 

WEEK 1: 

Monday 4th January: Preparation day. Staff will meet children on Google Meet. A text will be sent with the times. All children will be at home.

5th January: Online work will start for all children. All children will be at home. 

6th, 7th, 8th January: Vulnerable children, and those whose parents are critical workers, will be in school. All other children will continue with distance learning at home.

WEEK 2: 

Monday 11th January: All children will return to school.  

14.12.20 Arrangements for: 16th, 17th, 18th December  

Information from the Local Authority

  • Cardiff has an expectation for schools to continue to provide support for vulnerable learners and critical workers childcare where they can and have capacity. 
  • Cardiff determines that frontline blue light services, NHS, school workers and social care should be protected as critical workers.
  • Local decisions can be made in discussions with parents over need.
  • Please note: both parents need to be critical workers. 

If you think you fit the criteria, and want your child to attend school, please email me at:  

11.12.20 Class 1P 

Awaiting information from Public Health Wales as to self-isolation dates. Will update as soon as I hear. Any child who is not a contact - parents will be phoned. If you do not receive a phone call, your child is a contact and must self-isolate - which means staying in doors, with no visitors to the house. Any symptoms - high temperature (37.8C), new/continuous cough and loss of taste and/or smell - phone 119 and get a test. 

11.12.20 School Closure 


Cardiff Council are shutting primary schools from Wednesday 16th December. School will remain open for staff until 18.12.20.

Where additional support is needed, or pupils are vulnerable, these children may still be able come to school. I'm waiting for further information about this, and will update you as soon as I know any more.

Staff will provide learning for all children not in school until 18.12.20. This may be online in Google Classrooms, SeeSaw and/or via workpacks. 

Any questions - don't hesitate:  


4.12.20: Please follow guidance below: 

We would like to remind you of the importance of following the correct processes should a pupil or family member be required to self-isolate due to showing symptoms of COVID-19 or if anyone in the household is awaiting a test result. Please refer to the FAQ’s provided by the Local Authority, which provides clear guidelines to ensure we keep our pupils, staff and the wider school community safe.  


English –  
Welsh –  

Please find below the checklist for parents for when to keep children home from school. 


Guidance for sending your child to school (
Canllaw ar gyfer gyrru eich plentyn i’r ysgol (


If the hyperlinks don't work - cut and paste into your browser.


Remember - it's only by working together that we keep everyone safe!


30.11.20: Reception and Year 4 - information for parents


Children's book explaining Coronavirus

Copy and paste link into your browser: 

Play Areas

Children's play areas in Cardiff Council's parks are closed due to the risk of transmitting COVID-19. If you go to the parks for your daily exercise, the Council are asking for people to not gather in groups, to practise social distancing rules and to keep children off the equipment. There is a risk the parks will have to close, if the rules are not followed. 

Free School Meals Vouchers

Letters sent on Friday 3rd April. May well be delayed in the post.

Email: for help.

Free School Meals over the Easter Break 

Dear Parents / Carers,

The collection of packed lunch grab bags will stop this Friday, 3rd April. A £40 supermarket voucher will be provided for the 2 week Easter break. You will get a letter soon, telling you how to claim your voucher.

If I can help - email: 

Stay safe and well everyone! 

School Closure

School closed 30.3.20. Email if you have any questions.

Free School Meals can still be picked up from school between 11-12.

If you are a key worker, children will attend Ninian Park Primary. You will need to apply to Cardiff Council for a place - do not just bring children to Ninian. 

Follow link for more information:


Community Support - Sian Jones 07765 955 836

Design to Smile - information