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There are loads of benefits to sending your children back to school

WG video outlining the importance of sending your child back to school
Here's a link to our FAQs page on return I wylio'r animeiddiad yn Gymraeg

100% attendance is the best way to ensure your child reaches their academic potential. It also develops their social and interaction skills, and makes our school a better place to be!


We take this matter very seriously at Grangetown and encourage parents to consider the effects of absence on their child’s education.


Please contact the school (by 9.30am at the latest) if your child will not be coming to school. If we haven’t heard from you by 9.30am we will contact you for an explanation and will maintain contact throughout the absence. Registers close at 9.30am. If your child arrives after this time they are considered to absent for that session.


We need to be aware of medical, dental, optician appointments so that absences are recorded as authorised; school office staff will ask to view appointment cards. However, unless these are urgent we expect them to be taken outside of school hours.


Ms J Davies is the School’s Attendance Officer (SAO). She works with the Deputy Headteacher to monitor children’s attendance. Letters will be sent to parents if their child’s attendance or punctuality is giving cause for concern. If this is persistent, a referral will be made to the SAO who will explore the reasons for absence with parents and find ways to improve it.


Welsh Government will no longer permit parents to take their children out of school for family holidays. These absences are always unauthorised. Fixed Penalty Notices will be issued to parents for persistent absence and/or lateness (See Attendance Policy). Absences of more than four weeks will lead to pupils being removed from roll.