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Refugee week 2022- 'Healing' theme

Welcome to Year 6!smiley


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Please can children wear their PE kits to schools on Friday for outdoor PE- trainers, jumper and joggers/leggings. 

School starts at 9:00am and home time is 3:00pm for Year 6.

Keep your Giglets, Hwb and Big Maths log ins safe at home as you will need to use these regularly. 

Parents and carers- My email is - Email if you ever need anything.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday and you, and all your families are safe and well. Happy New Year as well!smiley

This week (week beginning 4th January) will be a week of home learning. Please log on to Google Classroom where all your resources for your learning will be. Our Google Meets this week will be at 10:00am everyday. The children can join the meeting, and find out what work they have to do for the day. It is also a chance for them to see their friends which is an important part of looking after their well-being. The link will be shared on the Google Classroom stream just  before 10:00am, and they just have to click on the link to join the meeting. Please make sure when they join the meeting they are dressed and ready to start the day, and that they are downstairs when the meeting takes place.


The Year 6 Home Learning Grid for this week is below. 

Take care of yourselves and stay safe!

Mrs Lock



In 6P, we have been learning about the celebration of 'Thanksgiving'.  We have been learning about the history of Thanksgiving, and how it is celebrated today. We have thought about what we are thankful for, and even created our own Thanksgiving poems. One thing we were thankful for was having enough food to eat. We decided that our chosen charity for Year 6 that we wanted to support was the Cardiff Food Bank. We asked other classes in the school to support us, and donate food for the food bank. We are very thankful for the support we received.  THANK YOU EVERYONE!smiley

Here is our presentation about what we have learnt about Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving for Kids

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The Story of the Mayflower and the First Thanksgiving for Children: History for Kids - FreeSchool - Help support more content like this!In 1620 the Mayflower crossed from England to North America. Filled to the brim with pas...


We have just finished our STEM fortnight in 6P. The children have loved learning about 'Our Frozen Planet'. They have learnt so much about Antarctica over the last couple of weeks. They were set a challenge to create a report to write to the Government to explain to them whether they think Antarctica is habitable, and they had to support their opinions with evidence. They have collected pieces of work that they have completed to add to their reports, and there are some examples below. They have used a variety of skills, and have written diary entries from an Antarctic explorer, created different types of graphs in their Science and Maths lessons, budgeted for the clothing they would need, created Artwork in the style of an illustrator, carried out a scientific enquiry related to this topic, drawn maps and researched a lot of information on Antarctica.  They have used a number of ICT tools in STEM such as: Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Docs and  Google Slides.  They have really enjoyed learning about this area. 

Antarctica for Kids: Cool Facts About Antarctica for Children - FreeSchool

Antarctica, the southernmost continent on Earth, was not discovered by people until modern times. It is the fifth largest continent and the coldest, windiest...

Antarctica | Destination World

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6P having been working very hard since we have returned. We have learnt about a lot of things over the last term and a half.


Teams, Dreams and Goals

We started with our 'Teams, Dreams and Goals' topic. We learnt the importance of working and collaborating together, the importance of team work, and setting goals that we will work hard to achieve. We looked at what the word inspirational meant, and then researched and wrote biographies about people who inspired us. 


Black History Month/Our History Month

Next, we moved onto Black History Month/Our History Month. 6P thoroughly enjoyed learning about a variety of role models, both famous people, and also local people who are inspirational to us. We found out about Tiger Bay, and why it was such an important part of Cardiff's history. We also had a special visitor into school, Mrs Legall, who came into share knowledge of the area. We collaborated as a group, and we created websites about Tiger Bay websites to show how much we learnt.

Year 6 Spellings

Learn the spelling patterns in the spelling homework. You will be tested on 10 at the end half term.

Inspirational People

Women in science who changed the world

Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie, Caroline Herschel... These are just a few examples of female scientists who have made world-changing discoveries. Watch the v...

I am Malala - UN Speech - Video Animation

History | KS2 | Assemblies | Mary Seacole | BBC Teach

Mary describes how when she hears about war in the Crimea she is determined to become a nurse working for Florence Nightingale. This clip is from the series ...

Parent Guide to Using Hwb

Parent Guide to Using HWB
Here is a Parent Guide to Using HWB and its learning tools. Thank you Millbank Primary School!

Big Maths Parent Packs

Here are some Big Maths CLIC Parent Packs that you can work on with your parents. There is also a parent guide as well that helps to explain what CLIC is, and what these packs are all about. Go on the CLIC pack you are currently working on, and you can practise your Maths skills.