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Welcome to 1G's class page

Hello/ Shwmae 1G, my name is Miss Minkowski, and I am excited to be your teacher this year. Mrs Shahid & Mrs James will also support you in class.


Your child will need a healthy snack (fruit or vegetable) and water bottle daily.

PE is on a Wednesday. Your child will need to wear their PE kit to school. Joggers, polo shirt and trainers.

Please remember to bring a change of clothes in your child’s bag if needed and to put your child's name on all items of clothing.


Diolch/ Thank you. 


Phase 3 Tricky Words Song

Phase 3 sounds with this phonics digraphs and trigraphs video covering the qu, sh, ch, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, ow, or, oi, ur, ear, air, er graphemes.

Phase 2 Phonic Sound Help with Pronunciation

This may help with the pronunciation of Phase 2 phonic sounds

Phonics Phase 2 Words- Blending for Reading

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

A tricky word/sight word song for children covering the, I, go, no, to, she, he and we.

Tricky Words Sight Words Song for I, go, to, no, is, the

A tricky word/sight word song for children covering the tricky words: the, I, go, no, to, is.



I Know My Number Bonds 10

Number bonds for 10 song. Number bonds are simply the pairs of numbers that make up a given number. Number bonds can also be called number partners or number pairs. Number bonds are a very important foundation for understanding how numbers work. Number bonds create fluency for composing and decomposing numbers for addition and subtraction.

Counting by 2s

Counting by 5s

Welsh/ Cymraeg

Pwy wyt ti?

Caru Canu | 5 Crocodeil (Welsh Children's Song)

A song to practice counting to five.

Caru Canu | Pen Ysgwyddau (Welsh Children's Song)

(Pen, ysgwyddau, coesau, traed) A fun traditional Welsh children's song introducing body parts. (Head, shoulders, knees, toes)

Sut mae'r tywydd heddiw (Addams family)

Caru Canu | Clap Clap (Welsh Children's Song)

A fun Welsh children's song introducing various gestures.

Lliwiau'r enfys (Sing a rainbow)

Logging onto HWB and a quick guide to some of the services

Here is a quick guide to logging onto HWB and some of the services that you can use.