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Welsh Government Personalised Assessments - Asesiadau Personol Llywodraeth Cymru

In Wales, all children who are in Years 2 to 9 will take a short, online personalised assessment for Numeracy (Procedural and Reasoning) and for Reading over the academic year.  For more information about your child's personalised assessments, please read the attached guidance  or please click on the link below:

The purpose of personalised assessments is to help all children progress through understanding what they can do, the things they need to work on, and their next steps. Through your child's Hwb account/Personalised Assessments, you can access their Personalised Assessment Feedback and their Personalised Assessment Progress Report. 

Please click on the link below for more information:

Ask a question about the Welsh Government Personalised Assessments:

The Hwb website link above should answer any questions that you may have, but if you would still like to find out more, please contact us using the form below.