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School Vision and Values - Gweledigaeth a Gwerthoedd Yr Ysgol


Learning together for a bright future.


Grangetown Primary School is a multi-cultural community. We include and respect everyone - celebrating our differences and sameness. Parents, governors, staff and children work together to ensure everyone is supported on their path to personal excellence.

Our learners must feel physically and emotionally safe, fit and happy as these are essential precursors to learning. In our multi-lingual school, we strive to provide our children with the words to express their emotions, thoughts and ideas. 

Possessing an enquiring mind, along with being literate, numerate and technologically able is essential, if our learners are to prosper in a rapidly changing world.

Valuing the Arts and creativity, along with a passionate belief in the principles of democracy, tolerance, honesty and kindness is essential, if the world is to thrive.

Our children are the future citizens and guardians of the world, and so we teach them to understand they have responsibilities and rights and their choices must be informed and ethical.

We work hard, alone and together, to think and solve problems. Our greatest pleasure comes in supporting each other to achieve personal goals.


We believe that all of us must be:


Respectful - being tolerant of people, property and ideas.

Healthy - being safe, fit and happy.

Kind - to those we know and those we don't.

Fair - being ethical, democratic and understanding people's needs.

Hard working - as individuals and as a team, to reach our full potential.