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Rights Respecting Committee​​​​​​​

Our 'Rights Respecting Committee', is made up of pupils from each class (from Year 2- 6). Who are responsible for promoting the awareness of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) around the school. 

At Grangetown Primary, we have already achieved our 'Bronze Rights Committed' award. This year, we are aiming to achieve our 'Silver Rights Aware' award.

Our Playground Charter

We have chosen these 6 rights, out of the 42 articles, as we believe they were the most important to include in our playground charter.

Article 31- You have the right to relax and play. You can exercise this right at playtimes and lunchtimes.

Article 29- You have the right to become the best you can be. You can exercise this right at playtimes and lunchtimes, by learning new games and activities (basketball, football).

Article 19- You have the right to feel safe and happy. You can respect this right by cheering people up when they are sad, letting others join in games, following the rules and by having kind words, feet and hands.

Article 15- You have the right to meet with friends and join groups and clubs. You can exercise this right by playing games with your friends, like football, tag and cricket.

Article 12- You have the right to have your voice heard. We can help respect this right by letting everyone have their turn to speak whilst we listen. Adults, which we call duty bearers, can help us achieve this right by helping us take turns to speak when we have fallen out with our friends.

Article 16- You have the right to privacy. You can help respect this right by giving each other space when we need it. Maybe when we are angry, and by not forcing people to share usernames and passwords.

The document below, is a checklist of the tasks that we will be completing, in order to become a 'Silver Rights Respecting' School.