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Miss Williams' class 2G

This term our big question is

'Why is imagination important? So that, we can show how creative we are'

We will be learning about Roald Dahl-concentrating on George's Marvellous Medicine, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Twits.

Our Science topic is Light and Sound.

Gene Wilder - Pure Imagination

Film "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" (1971) lyrics: Hold your breath Make a wish Count to three Come with me And you'll be In a world of pure imagination Take a look and you'll see Into your imagination We'll begin with a spin Travelling in the world of my creation What we'll see will defy explanation If you want to view paradise Simply look around and view it Anything you want to, do it Wanna change the world?

Willy Wonka 1971 Oompa Loompa Song

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